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Texas LLC for Real Estate

A Limited Liability Company, also known as an LLC, is a common type of entity which may be used to own real estate. A Texas LLC for real estate offers a number of benefits for property owners.

One such benefit is that an LLC may help protect you from claims that may be asserted against the property. In addition, it may also help protect the property from claims that may be asserted against you.

Transferring Property to an LLC in TExas

Transferring property to an LLC in Texas is simple and easy. We need the name and address of the current owner, the name and address of the LLC and the address for the property.

Once we have this information, we will prepare the document you need for the transfer and email it to you. The current owner will need to sign the document in front of any notary. Next, the document should be filed with the county clerk in the county where the property is located.

We include detailed recording and filing instructions with your document. Additionally, we include the address for the county clerk.

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Can I live in a House Owned by my LLC?

Technically, yes, you can live in a house owned by your LLC.  However, we do not recommend this practice.

You will lose important property tax exemptions if you transfer a house you live in to an LLC.

Good to know: Be aware that if your LLC owns the house you live in, you will lose the important Homestead Protections. The Homestead Protections provided in the Texas Constitution protects the property you live in from creditors.

LLC for Rental Property

Many people use an LLC for rental property.

Having an LLC own your rental property may have tax advantages in addition to providing asset protection.

The goal may be to limit a property owner’s liability if something happens on the rental property.

Furthermore, having your LLC own your rental properties may also help with income taxes.

Be sure to talk to your CPA for tax advice.

Good to know:  Having an LLC own rental property is an easy way to have multiple people own property without making their names public. The owners of an LLC do not need to be made public.

Setting up LLC for Rental Property

Setting up an LLC for rental property is easy to do. To get started, we will email you a list of the information we need to create your new LLC.

Information needed for your LLC will include:

  • The name you want for you new LLC
  • The address for the owner or owners of the new LLC
  • A business address for the new LLC

Once we receive the information needed, we will prepare the necessary documents for your new entity and email them to you for your review. Then, after you have reviewed the documents, we will file the necessary forms with the State of Texas.

Note: After the State of Texas approves the filing, you will need to transfer your rental property to your new LLC.

We will provide you with a simple step-by-step list of what to do.

LLC for Real Estate Investing

An LLC for real estate investing is a commonly used entity to own properties intended for real estate investments.

After you set up your Limited Liability Company or LLC, you can buy and sell real estate in the name of the LLC.

Furthermore, you can sell shares of your LLC to investors. This may allow you to raise money to buy and sell more real estate property.

Good to know: Using an LLC helps protect the identity of the investors and is an easy to transfer ownership of the property.

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